Comments feature

Comments can be internal, from internal/external review or public review. They show under the feedback tab in recommendations. Users must be logged in to make comments, so that the authors and admins can know their name, and we can send them automatic email updates.

Reply, alerts, edit and delete comments
  • Admins can delete and edit all comments, other users can delete and edit their own comments.
  • You can reply to comments.
  • Admins of a guideline, and the user that created the comment, gets an automatic email when a comment is made.
  • Authors of a reply, and the author of the original comment, gets an automatic email when a reply is made.
  • Admins can turn off the possibility of users to add comments, in the guideline settings.
Process comments
Authors and Admins can get an overview of the process of handling comments, by setting status and seeing how many comments are unresolved.
The default status for new comments is 'Unresolved', and authors can change this to 'In progress' or 'Resolved' when processing the comments.
The authors of a comment, and the author that changes the status, gets an automatic email when there is a status change.

See number of comments, and how many are unresolved
On the feedback tab of each recommendation authors see a total of the comments in that recommendation, with a visual marker (green flag) when there are unresolved comments present. On the top of the guideline, authors see the total number of unresolved comments in the whole guideline.

Fig 1: Set Comment status ▼

Fig 2: Seeing the count of unresolved comments  

Fig 3: Reply to comment

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