I want a mobile app, how do I get it?

MAGICapp is a webapp, and we have put in place offline functionality, which means you can read all the content you want even when you have no internet connection

To add a mobile app icon on your smartphone or tablet here are the 3 steps to follow.
Adding a mobile app icon is of course totally free.

Most smartphones and tablets work in the same way, but the interface looks different on different browsers. Below is shown how this is done on apple devices (ipad/iphone)

Watch a YouTube video how to do this

1. Go to www.magicapp.org in safari, navigate to the page you want to link to, like the main page, or a single guideline, and then click the 'extend' button

2. Then you get shown these choices- click 'add to home screen'

3. Change name if you want (like short-name of the guideline if you are linking directly to a guideline) and then click 'Add'

Voilá, you have an mobile app icon that will take you straight to your guidelines, and it works both online and offline.

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