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How do I add general text under a section?

You can add general text under any section, sub-section or sub-sub section. This is text where authors usually include background information like etiology or prevalence, or an introductory to the subject and historical background.

Click the pencil on the left to open the text box to open the text editor, and add text. When you’re done, click Save. For more details about the text editor functionality, see Help article.

The default display shows a preview of the initial text, allowing you to expand or condense it using the "More" or "Less" buttons. Alternatively, you can opt for a "View section text" button that keeps all text hidden unless it's clicked. To enable this, un-tick the box for "Show first lines of section text" in the Settings menu under Guideline customization.

This layered approach to text was developed through user testing conducted with the DECIDE project, where it was found that background text often doesn't contain relevant information at the point of care - thus, we've positioned it in a deeper layer behind each section. This change prevents clinicians from having to scroll through a lengthy guidelines filled with excessive text, while the text remains easily accessible with a single click.

Last Updated: 12 October 2023

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