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How do I build my Evidence profile (add outcomes to a PICO)?

You build your Evidence profiles by adding outcomes to your PICOs.

1. For your PICO of interest, click the "Evidence profile" tab.

2. Click "+ Outcome", and a box will appear where you can choose outcome type (Dichotomous, Continuous, Non-poolable/narrative) and set outcome name.

For each outcome, you add your relative and absolute effects of the intervention and comparator, rate the evidence quality/certainty, and create a plain text summary. For outcomes where you cannot pool data, or that for other reasons needs to be in narrative form, choose Non-poolable/narrative outcome.

If you create a PICO using a RevMan file, your selected outcomes and relative effects data will be imported, and you only have to add the missing pieces: baseline risk (to calculate absolute effects), quality/certainty rating, and plain language summary. 

Currently, the order of outcomes is as follows: Dichotomous, Continuous, and Non-poolable/narrative. You can change the order of the outcomes within the types, but not between them - you will have to create a new outcome of the correct type. In other words, once you've chosen a type of outcome (e.g. Dichotomous) you cannot turn it into another type of outcome (e.g. Continuous). We have moving outcomes independent of type on our roadmap. If this is a priority for you, you can vote for it in our feedback section on this page.

Click "Evidence profile" tab and 2. click "Add outcome"

Choose type of outcome

Last Updated: 3 January 2024

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