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New release- v11.9 June 2024


  1. User survey + New feedback mechanism
  2. New help videos
  3. Automatic re-numbering of references by citation placement
  4. Add and edit new section options, exclude sections from auto-numbering + section numbers show in table of contents
  5. Invite new users directly to a guideline or a poll
  6. Show and filter guideline by language
  7. Filter guidelines/recommendations by multiple orgs
  8. Smaller items and bug fixes (info boxes and hidden recs not counted in rec count in guideline listing)

1. User survey + New feedback mechanism

We are eager to hear your thoughts on how we can enhance your experience with MAGICapp. Your feedback is incredibly valuable, and will be used to help us develop new features and improve existing ones. There are two ways you can share your feedback:

1. We've launched a brief structured survey to share only with newsletter recipients, that will be open for the next 4 weeks = link to the survey here. This would be the best way to share your insights with us, and we would greatly appreciate your participation.

2. We've introduced an option for anyone to send us feedback from our home page, via an open text box. The "Feedback" is in the top right corner, between the "Help" and "Resources" links.

2. New help videos

We're delighted to share that we've added brief tutorial videos on our YouTube channel! These videos provide easy-to-follow guides on our key features, including our new recommendation search. Stay tuned for more tutorial videos and webinars!

3. Automatic re-numbering of references by citation placement

We now have the option to automatically re-number references based on when its citation appear in the guideline (order is based on full text PDF order).
You will find the control in the References tab, under the "Add reference" options menu. 

You will get a dialogue letting you know that the guideline will be locked for publishing during this process. Select "Reorder" to proceed.

Once the re-ordering is finished, you will get another dialogue with a confirmation. Select "OK" and allow the page to reload.

You're done! Your references will now be re-ordered by citation placement.

Important notes:
  • citations in PICO summary text are not included in the re-order, as it's order will depend on design options in PDF (e.g. to not include PICOs or put PICOs in an appendix). Different options for PICO summary text will come in a future update.
  • Renumbering only applies to references in text - references that are selected in the "References" tab of recommendations and evidence profiles will not be renumbered.
  • For citations added before version 11 (released June 2022), you will receive an alert. It tells you to email to update the citations so that the citations can be used.

4. Section updates: Sections: New add and edit-workflow, Exclude from auto-numbering and Section numbers in table of contents

We have upgraded the workflow for adding and editing sections. When you add a new section you will get a dialog where you add the title, where you whether to add it to the top or bottom of your section list (bottom is default), and the option to exclude the section from section numbering. Note: If a section is numbered, you cannot exclude the sub-sections from numbering (although the check box option is still there). Similarly, a section that's excluded from numbering will not have numbered sub-sections. 

To edit the section, select the pencil to the right of the section title. You will get the "Edit Section" dialogue, which allows you to edit the name and exclude from numbering. Once you have implemented your changes, select Update Section.

The section numbers will show in the table of contents sidebar, for the sections that has section numbering enabled.

5. Invite new users directly to a guideline or a poll

As a guideline administrator, you can invite new users directly to a guideline in two ways: under the "Settings" menu (below Permissions), or in the Permissions menu next to where you add users to the guideline.

You will be asked for their email, to assign them their Permissions level, and an optional note in the invitation. Users will receive an email and be directed to make an account, and will be added to the guideline Permissions once they have their account.

You can also invite users directly to a voting and Delphi poll, in the "Options" menu.

Similarly to being invited to the guideline, you will be asked for their email, to assign them their Permissions level, and an optional note in the invitation. As previously, being added to a poll means they will be added to the guideline.

6. Show and filter guidelines by language

Language and flag is now shown next to guidelines, and you can use Language as a filter when searching guidelines.

7. Filter guidelines/recommendation by multiple organizations

You can filter by multiple organizations - select the organizations of choice in the sidebar, and select them again to remove them from the filter. When organizations are selected, they will be highlighted in blue.

Note: The count of guidelines in organization sidebar stays in sync with all of the filters you have chosen.

8. Bug fixes and smaller items

  • Hidden recommendations and Info boxes are not counted in the recommendation count in guideline listing.

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