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v11.1, v11.2 January 2023 - Updated content page, text editor, RevMan integration, subscription management, and cookies banner

Update summary

  1. Content page layout update (i.e. homepage) 
  2. Text editor update (including narrative/non-poolable outcome formatting, and comment/track changes management)
  3. More RevMan outcomes integration (O-E, GIV, RD)
  4. Guideline subscription management options 
  5. A separate cookies banner (GDPR regulation-compliant)
  6. Option to attach images in PICOs
  7. Improved Spanish translation
  8. Bugs and small item fixes
Content page layout update
  • The content page is now faster, and organisations are more visible, for improved navigation and exploration of content.
  • One can bookmark a content list filter by organisation and/or search word. Example: will give you all WHO guidelines with "covid" in title.
  • If online content is not available for any reason, the content page will show PDFs for all published guidelines.
  • Please note: the button to create a new guideline has been modified in this update.

Text editor update
  • The text editor update now allows for simple text formatting for non-poolable/narrative outcomes, including font style, bullets and numbering, and hyperlinks.

  • Authors can now delete other peoples comments, like in Word.

  • Activity log includes the total number of track changes in the guideline.

More RevMan outcome imports
  • Generic Inverse Variance (Inverse Variance), including Hazard Ratio, Odds Ratio, Peto Odds Ratio, Rate Ratio, and Relative Risk.
  • Observed-Expected (Individual Participant Data), including Hazard Ratio, Peto Odds Ratio, and Rate Ratio. 
  • Risk Difference.

More subscribtion options
  • Under guideline customization, choose whether to allow users to subscribe to your guideline.
  • As previously, you can send a message to all of your subscribers.
  • Admins can remove subscribers.

  • When publishing, you can choose whether to send an email to your subscribers

Additional features
  • New cookies banner, to adhere to stricter GDPR regulations. Note: We are looking into a cookie-less analytics service, so this might only be temporary.
  • Improved Spanish translation.
  • Attach images (e.g. forest plots) to show in outcomes.

Bugs and small item fixes

  • Fixed issues with track changes not showing correctly.
  • Practical issues icons corrected.
  • Organisation logos can be changed by org admins. Use SVG for best result.
  • Freeze upon file scanning for malware is resolved.
  • Remark-label in PDF summary of recommendations is language adapted.

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