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Comments/feedback feature (internal or public review)

You can enable users to leave comments under the "Feedback" tab of recommendations. 

Comments can be used for:
  1. Internal review (only your core team), 
  2. Internal/external review (your core team and specific people you invite to review), and/or
  3. Public review (anyone with a MAGICapp user account). 
Which users can access the Feedback tab?

Note: For information about the draft versus published versions of the guideline, see Help article about publishing here. For information about the four levels of guideline permissions in MAGICapp (admin, author, reviewer, viewer), see Help article about permissions here
  • In the draft version of the guideline, all users with permissions to the draft can access the Feedback tab (admins, authors, reviewers, and viewers). 
  • If conducting a review of the draft guideline with users who are not contributing content (e.g. not admins and authors), admins can give temporary access to users and assign them reviewer/viewer permission in the draft guideline, allowing them leave comments. When the review is complete, they can remove the users from the permissions list.
  • Admins can enable the public to access the Feedback tab and see/leave comments by checking the box for "Show comments in published versions" in the Guideline customizations under Settings. 

Note: Admins can hide individual comments from published versions of the guideline (publicly accessible or not). Comments will still be seen in the draft version by those with permissions to the draft (see below).

Create, edit, delete, reply, and receive alerts about comments
  • Users must be logged in to make or reply to comments. All comments show the email of the user and the timestamp when the comment/reply was made. 
  • Admins can edit and delete all comments; non-admin users can edit and delete their own comments.
  • Admins of the guideline, and the user that created the comment, gets an automatic email when a comment is made.
  • If a user replies to a comment, the user that made the reply, and the user who wrote the original comment, get an automatic email.
  • Admins can set the status of comments (unresolved, in progress, or resolved), and hide comments from published versions. The user that left the comment, and the user that changes the status, get an automatic email when there is a status change.

Overview all comments in guideline

On the feedback tab of each recommendation, admins/authors see a total of the comments in that recommendation (as in the above example screenshot, you see a speech bubble with "1," signifying one comment). 

Admins/authors can get an overview of comments in the guideline in the activity log. The default status for new comments is 'Unresolved', and admins can change this to 'In progress' or 'Resolved' when processing the comments. 

Admins can export all of the comments in a guideline into an Excel file, including the user email and time stamp of each comment/reply, under Settings. 

Last Updated: 19 April 2023

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