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How do build the table of contents: add, edit titles, move, reorder and delete sections/sub-sections?

You can create as many sections, sub-sections and sub-sub sections as you want. Sections can contain References, PICOs, and Recommendations, but they do not need to. In each section you have the option to write background text (about, etiology, reasons for choosing the topic and so on).

To create your table of contents, you can add sections (like chapters). You can:
  • Create sections = Click "Add new section."
  • Rename sections = Click the section title to edit.
  • Move sections around = Drag and drop using the 6 dots "move control" next to Options. See additional details about moving sections and creating subsections below.
  • Create sub-sections = Drag and drop your intended sub-section on top of the section that you want it to be part of. See additional details below.
  • Delete sections = Click "Add Recommendations" and "Remove section."
Click 'View section text' to see and edit the text. If you prefer to view the first few lines of text (with a "more" and "less" option) instead of the "View section text" button, you can change this in guideline customizations (check the box for "Show first lines of section text). See more on Section text.

Moving sections & Creating sub-sections

You move the section by drag and drop. You click the 6 dots "move control" and drag where you want to place it. If you see a green marker and a "Drop here" banner, then you can move the section there. If you see a red marker, that means you cannot move the section there (e.g. you're moving the section out of frame of the table of contents). Then you let it go and it will be placed where you left it. 
You can also move it "into" other another section to make a sub-section by dragging and dropping on top of the section. Once you drop it, you will see a "-" mark to the left of your new sub-section, and a "v" (when closed) or "^" (when open) to the right of your section to show it contains one or more sub-sections.

Deleting sections

The delete control for sections is in the section menu, together with the options where you add PICOs or Recommendations.
To delete sections you need to have deleted or moved all content in a section. The section needs to be empty. You will get an alert if you try to delete sections that does have content, and you will not be able to delete it until you have moved or deleted the content. This is to prevent you from deleting content you didn't mean to delete. 

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