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How do I create a new guideline or evidence summary?

Anyone with a free MAGICapp account can create guidelines and evidence summaries for personal use. 

To publish guidelines, you need to an administrator (admin) affiliated with an organization that has a MAGICapp license (read more here). Evidence summaries, however, can be made publicly available without a license. 

On the MAGICapp home page, there is a "Guidelines" tab and "Evidence summaries" tab, which have a "New guideline" or "New evidence summary" button, respectively, on the right side of the screen.

For your new guideline or evidence summary, you're required to fill out some basic information including title, owner, and main author, which you can edit later. One you created your guideline/evidence summary, you can add further details under Settings, add guideline team members (see permissions), and start writing content.

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