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Organization control panel

All Organizations that sign up with us, get their own control panel.

Become an admin of an Organization

To create and publish guidelines in the name of an organization, as well as editing in the organization control panel you need to become admin of your Organization. For this to happen, you need one of the other admins to assign you as admin in your organization's control panel, or have MAGIC personel help you set it up if there aren't any admins yet.

When you have access to the control panel you can alter the organization name, logo, and contact info. You can add new members and admins, and you can send invites to make people sign on.

When you are a member of the organization you can create guidelines on behalf of the organization. When you are an admin you will also be added to the permissions lists of every guideline made by anyone in the organization. To note, this takes effect only from the moment the admins are added. A new admin must be manually added to guidelines create before they became an admin. 

To access the Org control panel
  1. Go to the Account menu
  2. Click the Org control option (if you don't see this option, you are not an organization admin)

Navigate the Control panel
  1. Info: Edit and add organization name, logo, and contact info.
  2. Members: You can add new members and admins.
  3. Invite: you can send invites to make people sign on.
  4. Publishing: publication dashboard including publishing activities from this organization. 

Last Updated: 20 October 2023

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