How do I add references to the reference list?

To add a reference you need to go to the reference tab.
You click the 'Add Reference' button on a section where you want to add the reference. You then get the choices to add a reference manually, from a PubMed ID, from a RIS file (Endnote, Mendeley, RefWorks and so on) or a RevMan5 file. 

It does not matter which section you add the reference, it can still be used in any PICO, Reference or text. The placement in a section is only for you to be able to navigate better.

A RIS file is a file containing reference data that can be exported from all major reference managers (Endnote, Mendeley, RefWorks and so on), or lists in PubMed, Epistemonikos, Ovid or other reference sites.
When importing from PubMed using the 8-number PubMed ID, it will pull in all the information PubMed contains about that reference.
When importing a RevMan5 file as a reference, make sure to have added your forrest plots as figures. See:  Adding a RevMan5 file as a reference. The forrest plots are placed in the 'Results' tab.

If you are uploading many references or files, you can turn on the "Bulk reference mode" to prevent you from having to wait for the system to update between uploads.

When you have added a reference you can 
Move it up and down, or between sections (1)
Edit it by clicking on the small pen-icon. (2) In edit you can add study type, add a PubMed ID (that will create a link to the PubMed site), DOI (that will create a link to the Journal site) or a URL.
You can also attach files to the reference, e.g. a PDF, forrest plots or reports.(3)

You can add the abstract, information about the results, comments or see where the reference is used. (4)
In the usage tab, you can remove connections to PICOs and recommendations.

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