My organization is non-profit, do I have to pay anything to get a Admin Account?

MAGIC and the MAGICapp was not established to make money, but to help users, authors and publishers of guidelines and other GRADE-related content.
We would have ideally wanted everything to be free for everyone, but for us to be able to give you these services we need funds for further development and maintenance

We think it is fair that larger, wealthier and/or for-profit organizations chip in more than smaller, non-profit, poor organizations, and our plan model reflects this. We hope organizations that has the possibility to chip in will do so, so that the ones that really cannot still can use the service.

If your organization does not have the funds to chip in at all, send us an email and tell us why.

We are of course thrilled to recive donations, and quite a few organizations has already done so. If your organization want to help us help you or others, or if if you have reserach funds and are looking for places to put it to use, please contact us. 

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