How do I add general text under a section?

Many guideline developers and panels would like to write some general text belonging to a section. This can include background information like etiology or prevalence, or an introductory to the subject, maybe including some historical background too.

In user testing together with the DECIDE project we found out that background text like that should be hidden down in a deeper layer, as it often does not contain information in the point of care. Scrolling down a long guideline full of text is usually not something clinicians would want to do if they were give a choice.

We therefor placed the background text behind each section instead. It's still readily available, only one click away.

Therefor, to add general background text to a section (any section, also subsections), click the 'background text'-button on the right of the section bar. It will open the background section and you can start editing it simply by clicking the placeholder or somewhere else in the text box.

For the end users, only sections with background text will have a visible 'background text' button.

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