How do build the table of contents: add, edit titles, move, reorder and delete sections?

Adding sections

You add a section by clicking on the add section title

Edit section names

You edit the section names by clicking on the section in the main window, the placeholder 'new section' will then dissappear and you can write the name of your heading directly into the place of the section. 

Move sections

You move the section by drag and drop. You click it and drag where you want to place it. Then you let it go and it will be placed where you left it.


You can also move it "into" other another section to make subsections.

Deleting sections

The delete control for sections is in the section menu, together with the options where you add PICOs or Recommendations.
To delete sections you need to have deleted or moved all content in a section. The section needs to be empty. You will get an alert if you try to delete sections that does have content, and you will not be able to delete it until you have moved or deleted the content. This is to prevent you from deleting content you didn't mean to delete. 

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