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Using a Search strategy as a reference

We do not yet have a separate entity for search strategies, but we have one in the pipeline.

Until we do however, you can much of the same functionality by using a manual reference as a search strategy.

1. You can name it however you want under tiltle: one option would be to start title with: "Search strategy for..."
2. You can state who performed the search under authors
3. You can state the search strategy you used as a narrative text summary in the tab Abstract. (that appears when you click your reference)
4. You can state an URL if you a website where you have all your search strategies, or that one search strategy
5. You can upload a document to your search strategy reference if you prefer to have your search strategy in a pdf or word document
6. You can then connect your search strategy reference with any PICO or recommendation (as many as you want)

- we suggest you set the reference type to "Other", to separate it from Primary studies and systematic reviews.

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