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Which step in the guideline Adaptation process can MAGICapp help me with

We belive a lot of effort could be spared by adaptation of content. If somebody has done a very good job with evidence collecting and summarizing it seems ridiculous to duplicate that effort if developers are willing to share.  Although evidence in most instances are global, recommendations often need local adaptation- due to culture, values, resources and availability
Globalizing evidence, localizing recommendations

Through our SNAP-IT  project we have developed a Novel Adaptation Process and Taxonomy for modifying individual recommendations, customized for clinical practice guidelines made using the GRADE methodology. The framework is soon to be inbedded within the MAGICapp.
When it is done, you can take a public adaptation-open guideline, Evidence profile or Recommendation and start the adaptation process with process- guidence to support you.

We expect some features by spring 2014, and the rest by summer 2014

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