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Which steps in the guideline Publication and updating phase can MAGICapp help me with

The MAGICapp will have a Milestone / Check-list feature, so that the admins can plan and follow all the steps in the development of the guideline. Some of the steps are purely organizatorial, some are technical and some are circled around content development. 

There is an article on a common framework for Guideline Checklists that recently have been published (dec 2013), that you might want to read: Guidelines 2.0: systematic development of a comprehensive checklist for a successful guideline enterprise

From results in that study McMaster CE&B GRADE has made a Guideline Checklist site you also might want to check out. It has an online version of the common checklist and a downloadable pdf.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of steps in a guideline process and how and if the MAGICapp can help in that step. It follows the AGREE II requirements and the steps used in SNAP-IT

Finalize content

  1. Submit guideline final review and approval
    Give the various review bodies (Executive committee, peer reviewers, public) access to review the guideline before publication. They can view and comment. This is done in the application.

  2. Submit guideline to the publisher
    Give the public access to review the guideline before final publication.
    We are considering functionality to submit chapter by chapter. 
    The publishers can view and comment. 
    This is done in the application.


  1. Publish the guideline
    Publish the guideline to the web. This is done in the same platform through the presentation formats we have researched.
    The platform is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets. . 
    It will be possible to give the guideline be given a specific url, like:

    The guideline interface will be possible to customized when it comes to certain layout features

    The guideline can also be exported to be used in other softwares/websites or for other purposes: XML (XDS not defined yet), JSON or pdf


  2. PDF
    The whole content of the guideline is available as a downloadable pdf- single document copy.
    We are planning for functionality to download single PICOs (and underlying content), single Recommendations 
    (and underlying content) or single section(s) (and underlying content)

Evaluation phase

  1. Formal evaluation of panelists experiences with the guideline process
    To learn from mistakes and continue to improve publishing, institutions might want to do a formal evaluation of the panelists experience.
    We are considering a feature to be able to do this evaluation within the application. This could also be done with other software like SurveyMonkey, iSurvey...

  2. Evaluate feedback and usage of guideline
    End users can give feedback to the guideline panels about the content though the discussion/feedback tab under each recommendation
    End users can give feedback on design and layout by using our feedback site (this site)
    We plan for the usage patterns of a guideline to be viewed and analyzed by the guideline admins


  1. Set a date for planned Revision
    This is done in the application through the milestones feature in Guideline settings

  2. Alert the admin/ authors about a planned Revision
     This should be done in the application (planned feature)

  3. Alert the admin/ authors when there is new evidence related to their PICO questions
    We are testing features like this with Epistemonikos and Dynamed. See flow of data and updates

  4. Publish the update
    We plan the authors to be able to Include an explanation of the update and visually show end users what is new in the update.

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