What is short name in guideline settings, and what can I use it for?

'Short name' is a feature you find in Settings where you get a short name that can be used to generate a link that will always take users to the most recent version of your guideline.

When you publish new versions of your guidelines they all get their own unique ID and unique web addresses. This is done so users can access all old versions (needed for version history and for juridical purposes).
But if you want to link directly to your most recent published version of a guideline (e.g from your own web pages) you do not want the hassle with updating the link all the time. So for this purpose you can use the short name, and generate a 'always updated' link to your guideline. 

The short name is found in the settings of a guideline (see image).

The syntax of how to make a link is as follows: http://www.magicapp.org/public/guideline/[shortname]

Example from the image below: http://www.magicapp.org/public/guideline/6nY0Lg

At present we generate this short name for you (contact us if your guideline does not have a short name), but as an update to this feature we will give you the possibility to make your own short name that better reflect the content in your guideline (e.g something like /orthoanticogulation in the example below)

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