Offline: How do I access guidelines when I don't have internet connection

To set a guideline or evidence summary to be available for use when you have no internet connection, click the 'Turn on offline' control (point 10 in the picture below) and the guideline will store locally in your browser.
You have to have internet connection when you download a guideline for offline use.

After downloading you will be able to access the content when you are offline. You open up a browser tab, write in the address to the guideline listings page:
This now works, even if you have no internet connection.
For easy access we strongly encourage that you favorite/bookmark the main content page or download an app for your mobile device.
Go here to get instructions on how to get the app on your mobile device
The mobile app will take you directly to the main content page and show you all your offline guidelines.

Watch a film showing this on Youtube:

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