How do I add a reference to the reference list?

To add a reference you need to be in the reference tab.
You click the 'Add Reference' button on a section where you want to add the reference. You then get the choices to add a reference manually, from the PubMed ID, from a RIS file or a RevMan5 file .

A RIS file is a file containing reference data that can be exported from all major reference managers, PubMed, Epistemonikos, Ovid or other reference sites.
When importing from PubMed using the 8-number PubMed ID, it will pull in all the information PubMed contains about that reference.
When importing a RevMan5 file as a reference, make sure to have added your forrest plots as figures. See:  Adding a RevMan5 file as a reference. The forrest plots are placed in the 'Results' tab.

When you have added a reference you can edit it by clicking on the small green pen-icon. You can then edit or add information, like study type, the PubMed ID (will turn into a link to the proper PubMed site) and DOI (will turn into a link to the proper Journal site) or a URL.

If you click the Reference number you'll get to the underlying content of a reference, where you can add the abstract, basic information (coming), outcomes (coming) or comments.

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