MAGIC is non-profit, is there a subscription fee for Administrator Accounts in MAGICapp?

MAGIC and the MAGICapp was not establised to make money, but to help users, authors and publishers of guidelines.
We would have ideally wanted everything to be free, but for us to be able to give you these services we need money for further development and maintainance. 

We kindly ask all sizable organizations that want to develop and publish guidelines through our systems to chip in, but we think it is fair that larger, wealthier and/or for-profit organisations chip in more than smaller, non-profit, poor organizations. We have therefor set up a subscription pricing model that reflects this. 

We also understand that it is quite a step for some organizations to move from developing guidelines in Word, to start writing them in a collaborative structured tool like MAGICapp. That is why we let organizations try it out before subscribing to our services. 
Contact us to set up a trial for your organization:

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