v9.0. Coming March 2020

Re-use phrases across guidelines 

You get suggestions from previous texts while you write, for all the textual components of the PICO (names, timeframes, codes and comments in quality assessment).
You can choose to get suggestion from only guidelines in your own Organization, or across all public guidelines.
We hope this will help to increase consistency of language and coding within and across organizations.

Fig 1: Start to write and get a dropdown with choices. 
See how, in this case, multiple phrasing of the same outcome has been done. That is the issue we are trying to help with in this feature.

Fig 2: Click "View more phrases" to see more hits and details


Set ETD judgements per intervention, also for multiple comparisons

Set degree of harms, benefits, resource use and the other EtD factors, for each intervention. It is set up so that it is possible to use also where you have more than two interventions. See overview of your choices for all interventions, to aid discussions. Group voting for interventions will come in an upcoming release

Fig 1: Make judgements for all interventions you choose to include ▼

Fig 2: Make judgements

Fig 3: Choose interventions to include

Fig 4: See a summary of your judgements

Fig 5: Our prototype Multiple comparison Summary of Finding tables will eventually be built in, but not in this update


Improved recommendation search that searches as you type

We have changed our recommendation search to something that is more like a google-type search, where you get suggestions while you write and your hits are highlighted in the text.
The search is faster and require no back and forth between guideline and search page.

Fig 1: You see all results highlighted in the content 


Cleaner Design

In style with many health related websites and applications, we are moving to a cleaner design. More white and blue, less box-y feeling. We've put some of the icons and tabs under option menus, to not disturb your view.
If you are interested in applying your own color-palette, please contact us.

Fig 1: Inside a guideline 1 

Fig 2: Inside a guideline 2 

Fig 3: A recommendation exposing a tab (Key information/ EtD information) 


Overview of number of Recommendations, PICOs and References.

The top three tabs and each section in those, will now show total number of Recommendations, PICOs and References. This gives you a better overview of the content

Fig 1: Showing amount of recommendations and their PICOs in public mode   

Fig 2: Showing amount of recommendations, PICOs and references in edit mode  


More guideline and PDF custom layout settings

For PDFs you can now:
- Choose color for section headings
- Make text appear in 2 columns
- Choose to not include references after each Evidence profile

Next up is the possibility to not include the Summary of Recommendations in the PDF, as well as improving the layout of that summary

Fig 1: The PDF part of the Guideline customization feature 


Use Cochrane ID to sign up and log in

We are working on integrating with the new RevMan web, meta-analysis tool from Cochrane. The first step, in this released now, the possibility to log in with your Cochrane ID.
The upcoming full integration will be made to better support living guidelines based on Cochrane systematic reviews.

Fig 1: Log in using your Cochrane ID 


Main page have direct access to all public guidelines, not a separate Log in page

We have moved the login to the main content page, which means you always come directly to the list of all guidelines when you access www.magicapp.org. We hope this will increase the findability of your guidelines.  
For authors it is important to note that you need to click "Log in" in the top right menu to get a Log in pop-up .

Fig 1: The view you see when entering www.magicapp.org  


Other things

  • The Terms of service dialog new users get, is more lean and easier to use.
  • We have removed all cookies, so there is no tracking of personal information for any reason (cookies are the reason you get a click-away bar on most web-pages these days). This is our contribution to ensure your privacy.
  • We have added denominators for all estimates in the PICO graphical view
  • Citation-popups now also work in PICO summary pop-ups
  • Reviewers can now comment in drafts
Planned for the coming months
  • Voting: recommendation strength and intervention ranking.
  • Detailed Conflict of interest management
  • Better RevMan file import and further integration with Cochrane's RevMan online
  • Improved EHR integration and guideline coding
  • Implementation of a FHIR API
  • Improved Desktop and Mobile app

Bigger features on roadmap
  • Better Track changes and comments in text
  • Multiple comparison tables
  • Diagnostic PICOs
  • Decision aids widgets
  • Better internal linking

 Comments or feedback?
Contact us: https://magicproject.org/contact-us/ 

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