How do I make a new Guideline or Evidence summary?

We are putting in place a new permissions systems which will enable everybody to make guidelines and evidence summaries imidiatly after signing up. Until then it will take a day or two from you sign up until you will be able to make guidelines and evidence summaries.

(Only Administrators of an Organizational account can publish guidelines. If you're not an Admin you can still make guidelines for teaching and educational purposes)

When you get access you will see the 'New Guideline' and 'New Evidence Summary' button on the right side of the screen.

When making a new Guideline or Evidence Summary you will be prompted to fill out some basic information like title and main author- this can be changed at any point later on in the process. When you have created the Guideline or Evidence Summary you can start adding authors and admins for the guideline in Settings, or start writing content.

To make a Guideline or Evidence Summary affiliated with an Organization, that organization needs to have an account with us, and you need to be affiliated with that account. Read more about Organizations here

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