Bulk reference edit mode

Authors can set the guideline in bulk reference edit mode to do reference moves, deletes and uploads, or section moves, without having to wait for reference renumbering.
All sections, citations and references will get updated numbering upon ending bulk mode. Other authors in the guideline are notified that you have initiated the bulk reference edit and will be blocked from interfering with your edits. They get a notification when you end bulk edit mode, and an option to refresh to see the new edits.
While you are in bulk edit mode, other authors can edit PICOs and Recommendations, Section text and reference details, but they cannot move or delete sections or references.

If you walk away from the bulk edit mode without ending it, it will expire after 24 hours. All admins in the guideline can break the bulk edit mode if needed. The changes done up until the bulk edit mode is broken, will then come into effect.

The control to turn bulk edit mode on and off is in the settings menu.

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