What are PICO widgets and how do I use them?

Your interactive summary of finding tables can now be integrated on any website as pop-ups or embedded tables, using a simple html code available from all PICOs.
The widget enables readers to view an interactive, multilayered version of the SoF, including practical issues, narrative evidence summary, references and all outcome details.

This feature can be used in texts referencing the evidence from a PICO question, giving the readers direct access to the evidence without having to leave the place they read.
It can also be used by groups publishing guidelines or evidence summaries in their own platforms, to show interactive SoF tables directly on their own page without having to building the feature themselves.

The size of the widgets are adjustable, and you can choose to display always the most recent version, or one specific version of the evidence. The Widgets can be shown as open with the evidence profile showing, or closed, to save space if the table is embedded. 
We will also include decision aid functionality so that users can be directed directly to the decision aid graphical version of the evidence.

Se how the widget work as a popup by testing this link:  a popup link showing a SoF

Below you can see how the widget work as an embedded table

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