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Add an integrated search engine

Within one guideline:
I want to be able to type in a search word.
a) I get suggestions based on what other people have searched for.
b) After 3(2) letters I start getting an incremental hit list

I get a hit list ranged like:

1. The word/phrase is present a heading
2. The word/phrase is present in a recommendations or header
3. The word/phrase is present in a key information/rationale/practical information/PICO
4. The word/phrase is present in the background text

What I see in the hitlist is:
You get the sentence the word/phrase is in, with the searchword in bold. You also get information about which entity (Recommendation/ key information/ Rationale/Practical information/PICO/Background) and section it is in (like the url info in google search. example: primary prevention of cardiovascular disease)-> I can click the text to go to that place in the guideline.

With searching across multiple guidelines I would also want information about which guideline the hit was from and when that guideline was updated

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AdminLinn Brandt (CEO / Founder, MAGIC authoring and publication platform) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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