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Merging PICOs

When importing PICOs from RevMan or reviewing the PICOs made by others, it is sometimes easier to organize the PICOs in a different way. For instance, Cochrane often organises their PICOs on types of outcomes (1 PICO for effectiveness, 1 PICO for adverse effects). However, in MAGIC it may be easier to view both the positive and negative outcomes in the same PICO. Therefore it would be nice to be able to move an outcome to another PICO or to simply merge 2 PICOs into the same.

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  • AdminLinn Brandt (CEO / Founder, MAGIC authoring and publication platform) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You can currently mix outcomes from different PICOs or comparisons, but it requires a couple of steps.
    1. Create a PICO with the Outcomes you would like from one comparison.
    2. Add a new outcome, go to the 2nd column and click the layer "Add and Show meta-analysis and primary studies used for the estimates".
    3. Here you add the Systematic review/RevMan file reference you just used to create the PICO.
    4. Now you can choose the wanted comparison and outcome you want from the review, regardless if it belonged to the same comparison as your other outcomes.
    5. After choosing the correct outcome from the RevMan file, click 'Fill from reference" and the data will populate the estimates
    6. Decide on your baseline risk and click to calculate the absolute risks
    7. If you click "add included studies" you will also get the primary study information.
    8. Do this for all the additional outcomes you want to use from the RevMan file.

    We have plans to include your already uploaded Revman files in a list available when you click PICO -> Options -> Add outcomes from a RevMan file.
    That way you can choose additional outcomes from different comparisons with one step instead of the steps above. We will notify you when that feature is in place.

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